Downtown Brooklyn

Our Approach

Introducing an innovative childcare center approach, our program is the first of its kind, meticulously crafted by subject matter experts to enhance learning, ignite creativity, and instill confidence.

Following a global search for the finest educational practices, we've developed a distinctive approach to early learning, setting a benchmark for the highest standards in education. Beyond the enjoyment of play, our students' days are both productive and rich in learning experiences.

Inspired by Montessori schools, Downtown Brooklyn Childcare's approach is dedicated to building cognition, enhancing mental IQ, fostering creativity, instilling manners, and much more. The skills acquired in our daycare become an enduring foundation for future success.

Our commitment to excellence in early childhood education is evident through our extensive array of programs, featuring 16 different subjects. From Rhetoric class, Robotics, and Classical Music to Etiquette class, Chess club, Yoga sessions, a diverse range of Dance classes, and more, we provide a comprehensive and enriching learning environment for every child.


From contemporary to latin, our progressive dance classes cultivate creativity and promote confidence. All aspiring ballerinas, rhythm explorers and those kids who just can’t sit still are welcome to groove with us. Your child is guaranteed to have a good time.

Chess Club

The game of chess is an excellent way to improve abstract and critical thinking skills, while having fun along the way. Children will stimulate their minds and learn top secret strategies from our Pro instructors.

Etiquette Class

Teaching children maturity and enhancing respectfulness, this class aims to promote the ideals of proper etiquette, good manners and increase mental IQ.

Language Class

Classes will offer, but not be limited to, French, Japanese, Italian and Spanish.

Rhetoric Class

Equipping kids with the tools needed to guide and help them compose successful writing and presentations. Our instructors will show children the art of writing and speaking in a well-presented manner.

Robotic Engeneering

Exciting and an innovative approach to learning math and science, while discovering how things work. This class will help build problem-solving skills and introduce kids to the inner workings of technology.

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